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Updated: Dec 31, 2019

My Favorite Things- A #RegalBeautyBlog

In engaging people in the community, store and yes even at home we are often asked what are your favorite things in the store? My favorite is when I am asked is what do I use for this or that. I am excited to share with you my favorite things for 2019.

1. Best Hair product is hands down. Rawdah Naturals. This butter has replaced Bath and Body Works for me. Yes, I said it. I said what I said. We opened in February this year and I have not looked back. It’s so good I wish I was a silent partner. It’s so good as a family we had to agree that we are all going to buy one so we never run out. It’s so good I am not afraid to have my ankles out this winter. It’s so good you can brush up against my elbows with no fear of injury!

2. Best Skin Moisturizer is again Rawdah Naturals. I cannot say enough about this product. It comes in an oil and butter. It comes in various scents and unscented for when I need to only smell my perfume. Can you tell it’s my favorite?

3. Best Leave-In goes to Alikay Naturals Lemongrass. I mean. It’s liquid gold. It makes your hair so lux that you can use it to wear in a wash and go with no problem. You can use it to slick down your ponytails without ungodly gobs of gel and makes braiding a breeze. It’s a must have. *Goes and hides my Rawdah and Lemongrass*.

4. Best Hair Growth Aid goes to… Arcani Coil Care. Listen, I know that there are many factors that affect how your hair grows. Having addressed those things I can say unequivocally that her oil is essential when trying to grow out that head.

5. Best Curl Definer is Mousse Def by The Doux. As a 4C Naturalista I appreciate the definition without the sound effects. You know the crunching the flaking.

6. Lastly, my new favorite thing is WIGS! I know I am late. I appreciate the ability to utilize a protective style and turn around and switch it up with ease. Good stuff!

Any of these will make your life. They are everything!

What’s your favorite thing of 2019?

Deanna J.

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