Updated: Dec 30, 2019


In the months since we have been open, we get tons of questions about products, bundles, lashes, and hair. The question we get asked often is... “What do you have that will grow my hair/edges”. We get those women that genuinely feel they can buy a serum or vitamin and before you know it they have waist-length tresses with volume to the gods. I get it. I would love to have my fro so wide and all-side that it is sitting on my shoulders. (#Goals)

So In this blog, I wanted to discuss being growth-minded.

What do you do to grow out your hair? There are tons of lists, posts, and emails about what to do when you want to grow out your hair. I have three things I would recommend that you should NOT do when looking to grow out your hair/edges. Let me know what you think in the comments.

#1. Do NOT neglect internal reasons for hair loss or lack of growth.

There are hormonal reasons that could contribute to you losing your hair or your hair not growing. If you have tried everything you know to do let’s pause in your routine and examine biological contributors. Trust me. You will be grateful that you did because there is not a product that can grow your hair when the underlying cause is biological.

#2. Do NOT be afraid to give your hair some space. You know how it is when you are around someone all the time? It can do more damage than good. Allow it to flourish and be free for a bit. Free from manipulation, pulling and twisting. Simply let it be. Give those coils a chance to be free.

#3. Do NOT be swayed by what works/ doesn’t work for the next woman. So many times you have to really give your own process a chance to work. There are so many products and procedures one can try to grow out their hair. Trying a new product based on a recommendation is one thing. Constantly switching is another. Try products and processes out to see what works for your hair. Your hair will tell you what it sure you are listening!

May your edges be strong and your length be great!

Deanna J.

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