Winter Routines - A #RegalBeauty Blog

A #RegalBeauty Blog.

Well, ladies and gents it is that time of year again… WINTER! At Regal Beauty, we get all types of questions regarding hair and skincare. Understandably, the questions have shifted to hair and skincare during the winter months. I have great news for you. We are your plug! We have the products that will help your skin grow and thrive even in an Ohio Winter. (Yes non-Ohioans...It’s real).

That winter air can wreak havoc on our precious melanin and hair; especially if you have really dry skin, sensitive skin or eczema. As you have guessed we have something for that. What I have learned though that having the product is okay… having a good procedure is ideal. Now, full disclaimer… this is what I do as I have dry skin. If you do something different please share in the comments! Now that we have that out the way, let me share with you the steps in my process for caring for skin and hair.

  1. Exfoliate.

  2. Cleanse.

  3. Moisturize.

  4. Minimize irritants

Skin- Exfoliating is essential for me but I try to not do too much but for me, even a light buffing helps! I make my own exfoliate with our activated charcoal. When I don’t have time I definitely use our Alikay scrubs. They do wonders for this chocolate! To cleanse I use African Black Soap. It gives you a great clean without stripping it. For me, a warm not hot shower is key when I can. II know that sometimes you need a hot shower flat out but I curtail it because in the winter it flares up this eczema something terrible. I moisturize with a heavy butter after my nightly shower. I try to put my oil or moisturizer on as soon as I get out of the tub while my pores are really open. I then let it absorb and hit the drier spots again. With the Rawdah you don’t have to use a lot and I am grateful. Lastly, even though I don’t have eczema over my whole body I still treat it as if I do. As such, I look at other things that can irritate my skin and yes that includes soap powders and such. I highly recommend monitoring any effects on your skin after a wash or if you notice any irritation to the skin.

Hair- I know that there are stylists who do not believe in porosity or hair types but I am a full believer. I am a staunch believer in my classification based on how my hair reacted when I cared for it accordingly. I am a high-porosity, 4C. It is coily and easily loses moisture. Easy in and easy out but I digress. I am a HUGE fan of caring for my hair from the scalp. I start with a deep clean. I try to do this once a month in the winter but I definitely listen to my hair. I will co-wash it as needed as my hair does not do well with build-up of product. I like our Arcani Coil Care Shampoo. I follow that with our Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Reconstructor to restore a normal Ph. I then use a good leave-in and then a butter. Again, our Rawdah oils and butters are the best thing out there. I haven’t used Bath and Body Works since!

It’s very simple. My winter routine is protective in every capacity. What works for you? Let me know!

Stay hydrated my friends.


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